AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence)


 Course Details


Our VET Student Loans approved AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Training – Aeroplane) is your first step towards making a career as a Pilot in Command.

A Commercial Pilot Licence will open many doors within the aviation industry, not just becoming a
Airline Pilot. It will also give you the opportunity to teach others to fly, support emergency services with air transport and serve in the military.

We understand that training is not a one size fits all business. That’s why our course is designed to be flexible and applicable to all, whether you have flight training or are a complete beginner – this course will be a snug fit. It is designed to take you all the way from zero to a qualified Commercial Pilot with a minimum of 155 flying hours.

At the completion of the course you will have advance aircraft knowledge that you will be able to apply in practical situations. You will also have built significant Solo and Pilot in Command hours.


Course Phases

You will start your diploma with Phase 1 – Ab Initio training. This training will cover your Ab Initio flight training, as well as basic ground theory. Upon the completion of this phase we will take you from no experience all the way to a Recreational Pilot Licence level in 11 weeks.

This phase will see you start on the path to your private pilot training and complete some of your flying hours in our Piper Warrior.
This study period, stretched over 20 weeks, will see you complete your commercial theory exams. It will also see you build a significant portion of your solo hours.
Almost at the finish-line…

The final phase is dedicated to giving you the best preparation for your Commercial Pilot flight test. You will complete your final flying hours as well as a pre test with one of our instructors and any consolidation of training that is needed.

VET Student Loans

TVSA Pilot Training is a proud VET Student Loans approved provider.

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Please note:
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About TVSA

At TVSA Pilot Training, we are dedicated registered training organisation who train pilots for a challenging and satisfying career in commercial aviation.

We offer Nationally Accredited Diploma’s for those who desire a career as a pilot as well as non-accredited training courses for those who are looking for a thrilling recreational experience.

We know how strong the ambition to fly can be and we’ve been putting people like you in the cockpit of aeroplanes since 1982.  Longwarry was the first base of TVSA Pilot Training. Today we hold our campus at the Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome, flying seven days a week.

TVSA Pilot Training offers a complete range of flight training. From beginner courses, which will take you to Solo standard, through to your Commercial Pilot Licence, Instructor Rating and Instrument Rating training.

 Our Facilities

TVSA Pilot Training has a number of  facilities including:

  • Offices and training rooms
  • Student accommodation
  • Student kitchen and bathroom facilities
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Secure lock system
  • Current technological teaching equipment

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