Welcome to TVSA Pilot Training

At TVSA Pilot Training, we are a dedicated registered training organisation who train pilots for a challenging and satisfying career in commercial aviation.

We offer Nationally Accredited Diploma’s for those who desire a career as a pilot as well as non-accredited training courses for those who are looking for a thrilling recreational experience.

We know how strong the ambition to fly can be and we’ve been putting people like you in the cockpit of aeroplanes since 1982.  Longwarry was the first base of TVSA Pilot Training. Today we hold our campus at the Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome, flying seven days a week.

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  • TVSA Pilot Training has a range of new and refurbished aircraft online.
  • TVSA Pilot Training has a range of new and refurbished aircraft online.

TVSA Pilot Training offers a complete range of flight training. From beginner courses, which will take you to Solo standard, through to your Commercial Pilot Licence and beyond.

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What we stand for

To offer the best training experience tailored to our customer on an individual basis.
We have some very experienced instructors at TVSA. With many hours flying and a deep knowledge of the aviation industry under their belt, we trust that our students are receiving the best education possible. We believe in the quality of our training and often provide employment to students who successfully compete their training.
With no landing fees or air services charges you are getting the best value for money with TVSA. Our training area is only a 2 minute taxi from the runway, meaning you spend less time on the ground and more time in the air.

Meet Our Team

Daniel PearsonCEO
Daniel is now a part owner of TVSA and has a background in recreational aviation. As a private pilot, Daniel has now gained endorsements in IFR, tail-wheel, aerobatics and more.
His working history is mainly in IT but extends into many other industries, including aviation, which helps him run the business.
Annalisa Corcoran Head of Operations
Annalisa is a Grade One Multi-Engine Flight instructor with a wealth of experience behind her. Annie completed her CPL in NZ in 2009 and her Instructor Rating at Moorabbin in 2010. Annalisa brings her high-level people management and organisation skills to her role as Head of Operations.
Anjee NoonanMarketing and Sales Manager
Anjee is our dedicated Marketing and Sales Specialist who focuses her energy on promoting what TVSA has to offer. Anjee’s passion for marketing and sales have grown since she started as a freelancer back in 2015, starting out in the fitness industry. Anjee is a coffee enthusiast, always on the hunt for a new brew.
Toni Rose-CreeRTO Administrator
Toni-Rose began her career with TVSA as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor and is now heading the student support and RTO compliance department. Toni has had a lifetime passion for teaching and is now looking forward to the opportunities her new role will present her with. Toni is the mother of a 2-year-old miniature Dachshund that goes by the name Pinot.
Daniel Hadler Grade 1 Flight Instructor and Head of Safety
Dan is a Grade One Flying Instructor and Head of Safety. He moved from Perth to join us in April 2017 after completing his CPL, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and Instructor Rating. Dan is currently in charge of our Commercial Training Program and is enjoying being a part of a fast-growing organisation.
Ashley MillerGrade 1 Flight Instructor
Ash has been a part of the team since January 2018. Ash is in charge of the CPL program and enjoys seeing the students reach their goals. With his own goal being to join an airline, he is currently working to complete his ATPL theory exams and MECIR.
Travis FoxGrade 3 Flight Instructor
After completing his training locally in 2014, Travis started with TVSA in early 2018. Travis is enjoying working with our experienced team and sharing his knowledge with his students. While away from work Travis is a video game fanatic and loves a good TV series.
Michael AcellaGrade 3 Flight Instructor
Michael completed his CPL and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating in Adelaide before moving to Victoria to complete his Instructor Rating with TVSA. He is dedicated to helping his students achieve their goals, whatever they may be. Away from flying, Michael’s mission is to convince as many people as possible that the shortened version of the word parmigiana is parmi, not parma.
Chris BarrittGrade 3 Flight Instructor
Chris moved across from Adelaide in October 2018 with a CPL and a dream of becoming an instructor. Since then he has made a home for himself in Vic and with TVSA. One day, Chris hopes to fly for the RFDS. In his free time, Chris is a keen hockey player and a long distance running addict.
Albert MolinaGrade 3 Flight Instructor
Albert completed his CPL and Instructor Rating with TVSA and joined the team in August 2019. Albert enjoys working with all the individuals at TVSA and watching students make progress in their training. Away from work, Albert enjoys running, going to them gym, travelling and music.
Jade TregeagleDispatch Receptionist
Jade moved from SA to join TVSA. As a Receptionist, she enjoys the challenge of working in the fast-paced environment of aviation. Jade is a perpetual student, currently working towards her second Bachelor’s Degree. In her spare time, Jade loves hiking and travel, and always welcomes location suggestions.