Become a Cadet with TVSA and get paid to learn!

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If you are looking to head to the airlines, this program is what you need to get you there. The program will give you the extra ratings and endorsements you need to be a strong applicant for airline pilot jobs. You will also be building your flying hours and experience by working full time as a flight instructor.

Whats in it for you?

  • Experience in a professional workplace.

  • Minimum of 5 years guaranteed work.
  • Building hours and experience while getting paid.
  • Opportunity to advance in seniority.
  • Option to conduct charter work with TVSA.
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Qualifications and Endorsements

  • Flight Instructor Rating

  • Multi-Engine Class Rating and Training Approval.

  • Single and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating and Training Approval.
  • Opportunity to advance up to a Grade 1 Instructor.

If you wish to go beyond this list and add other endorsements such as aerobatics and tailwheel, you will be eligible for our staff training rates to complete these.

This program is for commercial pilots who are looking to…

  • Continue their training and attain job-ready skills.

  • Establish a career as an airline pilot.

  • Become a career flight instructor.

  • Enter the world of private jets and passenger charter.

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