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Where will your flying take you?

Do you dream of working above the clouds? A pilot can be a very rewarding career and at TVSA our aim is to give you the training and skills required to land your dream job.

Career options

The opportunities in the Aviation industry are as limitless as the sky itself. The potential of a career in Aviation, after completing your training with TVSA, is huge. Many of our past staff and students are now enjoying careers with the Australian Defence Force, Qantas, Virgin Australia, Cathay, Jetstar, Rex and many other airlines and career streams. Quite a few have even decided to become Flying Instructors. Other students have become Air Traffic Controllers and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

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Samantha attended several Flightcamps in 1993 and 1994 during which she first flew solo. After completing her VCE she was awarded a scholarship to ADFA and went on to complete her flying training at RAAF bases Pearce and Richmond and is currently flying the Hercules aircraft for the RAAF.

Rory flew with TVSA as an Air Force cadet during years 10, 11 and 12.  After completing his VCE, he attended our Bacchus Marsh School of Aviation and obtained his Commercial Pilot Licence full time over a six month period before deciding to join the RAAF direct entry. We are currently waiting to hear which squadron he has been posted to.

Mathew attended all Flightcamps whilst completing his VCE and obtained his Private Pilot Licence before commencing his tertiary education at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Mathew obtained several awards during his fliying training with the RAAF including Dux of the Hawke lead in fast jet trainer course at RAAF Williamtown. He is now flying the F111 from Amberley.

Dion obtained his Commercial Pilot Licence with us before obtaining a position with the Royal Australian Navy to be trained as a Helicopter Pilot.

After completing the diploma in aviation with TVSA in 2008, he persued a job opportunity in Broome WA flying to remote areas.

He recently pased his last ATPL subject as is well on his way to a rewarding career in aviation.

Future aspirations, Airline Pilot.

After visiting us at the air show in 1999, Alister began his aviation journey on flight camp and completed a Diploma in Aviation in 2006. He left us at the age of 20 with 300 hours of instructional time under his belt to pursue his career a little closer to home in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Alister flew for Wagga Air Centre conducting passenger and freight flights and progressed to become the Sydney base senior line training pilot on PA31s.

With nearly 2000 hours total time, Alister (now based in Bathurst flying for Smartair) is contracted to the NSW Department of Lands flying a Cessna 421C Golden Eagle on aerial Photographic Survey and a Navajo on LIDAR (Laser radar 3D terrain mapping) runs.

Most enjoyable parts of the job: Having two planes to operate myself & keeping them perfectly clean every day. The challenge of precision flying required for Aerial Survey sometimes at high altitude, low speed or in turbulent conditions

Alister’s ultimate goal is to fly for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Skye completed her training in 1998 and commenced her career as an instructor on Flightcamp the same year. She left us in 2001 as a Grade One Instructor to work for BAE Systems, where she conducted multi engine and instrument training as well as finesse training for Cathay direct entry candidates.

In November 2004 Skye embarked on a challenging career path with QANTAS, initially as a Second Officer on 747s.

With over 5,500 hours, many of which have been spent “poling a 747 around the sky”, she believes she has the best office in the world. The aircraft she crews are among the most sophisticated and up to date in the world and even someone of Skye’s experience has to pinch herself when she is “hand flying the 747 around the holding pattern in London, stacked, packed and racked with other 747s, 777s and A380s all around her!

Career and everyday highlights? As Skye is about to commence First Officer training in the 737, her most memorable flights have included spectacular sunrises and sunsets, flying over the impressive ranges in Afghanistan and China and watching ice burgs float by whilst down at 60ºS following the great circle to Johannesburg!

Skye has her sights firmly set on becoming a Captain with QANTAS and the team at TVSA have no doubt that we will see her achieve this in the near future.

Flying a Convair for Cairns Jet Base.

Todd completed his Commercial Pilot Licence, Instructor and multi engine Instrument Ratings with us in the early 90’s. He was employed with us for several years and obtained his Grade 1 Instructor Rating. Todd was an extremely popular Instructor with Flightcampers, the Australian Air Force Cadets as well as the older students.

In 1996, he ventured North and flew twins and worked for Stefan Wood at NAC and was the Chief Pilot for another Charter company before being employed by Qantas in

1999 as a second officer on the 747 “Classic” aircraft.

In December, 2002, he was promoted to First Officer on the 737 flying domestic routes.

Todd is now a Captain on the 737.

Stuart attended all Flightcamps whilst studying for his VCE at Carey Grammar over 1993 and ’94. He completed his Commercial Pilot Licence with us and went on to become a Flying Instructor  and charter pilot before joining Kendell Airlines after which he was offered a position as a second officer with Qantas.

Stefan commenced his training with us at Bacchus Marsh in 1991 on a part time basis and on completion of his CPL in 1993, decided to head north to Darwin via the eastern seaboard.

He commenced work with the Daly River Mission in June 1993 where he worked for 12 months flying C182s before passing that job onto fellow TVSA student Chris Riddell. Stefan had obtained a position at Wave Hill station where he logged 280 hours of flying in a C206 in four months.

With over 1000 hours under his belt Stefan started up his own charter business in the Territory. Stefan’s Charter business  operated fifteen aircraft and he employed several ex-TVSA students. In 1998 Stefan was awarded the Northern Territory’s Young Achievers Business Award. In 1999, Stefan was awarded Young Australian of the Year in the Career Achievement section.

All this in just eight years after his first flying lesson!

In 2007, Stefan changed career paths and became the CEO of RSPCA Darwin however a pilots eyes are forever turned skyward and it wasn’t long before Stefan obtained a job with Tiger Airways, based in Singapore. There is no doubt that Stefan will rise to the challenge of his new career choice…and who knows, the next CEO of Tiger Airways might just be him!

Richard flies B747/737’s with Air China in Taiwan.


Paul commenced flying training with us in 1995, obtaining his Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi-Engine Endorsement and Instructor Rating with us. With TVSA’s guidance and assistance, he has just obtained his command on King Island Airline’s EMIIO-Bandierante and is ‘rocketing’ ahead in his career at full speed.


In 1999, Paul obtained a position with Kendell airlines as a First Officer flying the Metro II.


In early 2002, Paul  commenced employment with Qantas as a second officer on the 747 flying International routes.

Nick completed all of his flying training with us at TVSA and worked for us as a Flying Instructor for almost three years before being employed by King Island Airlines.

Luke commenced his flying training with us in 1990 whilst still in secondary school. He trained full time with us after completing his VCE. Luke paid for his own training,completing his CPL and Multi engine Instrument Rating within 3 years of leaving school.

Luke commenced employment with Cathay Pacific Airlines after working for an out back construction company for several years flying the “boss” around to various jobs in a Piper Saratoga, then Charter in the twin engine Cheyanne Aircraft before finally flying a Metro for Jetcraft Corporation.

Luke has now been a FO on the 747-400 for 6 years, after having spent 5 years flying the Airbus.

Jade attended our very first Flightcamp in December 1992. She attended all Flightcamps whilst completing  VCE. Jade completed all of her training with us prior to being employed by us as a Flying Instructor for 3 years after which she worked for a period of 2 years as a senior Instructor with British Aerospace Flight Training in Adelaide before being offered her second officer position with Qantas.

Geoff completed his Commercial Pilot and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating some seven years ago. After flying charter around the outback and a stint with Airlines of South Australia, he obtained aposition with Qantaslink as a First Officer on the new Dash 8 and is based in Cairns.

David commenced flying training with TVSA in 1993 and obtained all of his licences and ratings with us. He has logged some 7000 hours as a highly valued Flying Instructor and was working as both an Instructor and for King Island Airlines.

After gaining more experience in the northern end of Australia as a charter pilot, David was picked up by Eastern Airlines (Now Qantaslink) on the Dash 8. He then took up a first officer position on the A320 at Jetstar, and is still currently employed with them on their new fleet of A330’s to International destinations.

“My aspiration of working for the Airlines did come true after a lot of hard work.”

Like many in the industry, after obtaining his Commercial in 1992, David accrued most of his initial flying hours in Darwin and throughout Arnhem land. In 1998 he obtained a position with Jetcraft flying Metro’s conducting night freighter flights.

The turn of the 21st Century saw David achieve his ultimate career goal of becoming an airline pilot with Cathay Pacific. With 8,500 hours and a First Officer position on the A340, David now has his sights firmly set on the left hand seat.

Currently on a temporary basing out of Melbourne, David continues to enjoy travelling the world, meeting new people and getting up in the morning to go to work!


My name is Craig Nugent I am 18 years old. I have now been flying with TVSA for about a year and a half. I started flying at the end of Year 11, using the Christmas holiday period to get as much flying in as I could and obtained my GFPT just before the beginning of Year 12. I then put further training on hold so I could concentrate on my final VCE year.


Now a year and a half down the track I am involved in classes three nights a week at TVSA’s Moorabbin school to complete the theory component of the Commercial Pilots Licence. When I finish classes at the end of June, I will start up flying again and hopefully obtain a CPL by the end of the year. The next step will probably be to get an instructor rating and become an instructor and do some charter work. After gaining enough experience on light aircraft and working my way up to larger aircraft, I one day plan to land a job flying for one of the major airlines.

The cheap flying rates, friendly easy going atmosphere and the professionalism of the instructors makes TVSA in my opinion, one of the best flying schools around. If you take the time to compare their rates and the level of service with other schools, you will find that TVSA is second to none.

Craig completed his twin IFR Rating after working as a single-engine charter pilot for Derby Air Services for a year. In November 1998, he was offered a position as First Officer flying Metro II’s for Skipper Airlines in Western Australia.

So six years after his first flying lesson, Craig is well on his way up the aviation career ladder.

Craig, far right, is pictured on his first Charter job flying Flightcampers to Moorabbin Tower.


Craig joined fellow students, Dave Belcastro, Luke Murphy and Chris Riddell at Cathay Pacific Airlines as a second officer.

Belinda commenced her flying training with us at Bacchus Marsh and flew her first solo flight whilst in year 11. After completing her VCE and some further training, Belinda obtained a position as an Ansett cadet at Tamworth after which she obtained a position with Impulse Airlines before joining Qantas about two years ago as a second officer.

After completing his training in 1994, Andrew commenced employment with TVSA as an instructor and obtained his Grade two instructor rating.

Andrew’s career progression saw him gaining experience on Horn Island as a VFR multi engine pilot “specializing in suedo aircraft carrier landings on extremely short strips.” He then flew Aero Commanders out of Essendon on bank runs where he accrued crucial multi engine instrument time.

Rex was the springboard for Andrew’s airline career where he flew around country Victoria and South Australia in Metro 23’s (or as Andrew puts it, “in hot, noisy aircraft!”)

Andrew finally stepped upon a 737 flight deck with Virgin Blue a few years back and since then has been promoted to Captain. Andrew tends to play down his role by stating that his specialization is “autopilot engagement at 400 ft and coffee drinking at the Coogee Café when I’m in Sydney.” He would like to eventually obtain the role of a Check and Training Captain.

It’s easy to see that Andrew is loving life. Sitting in the left hand seat with 8,500 hours under his belt, he is enjoying the advantages of being an airline pilot. He enjoys the challenge of the job, the friendships he has made and the financial benefits most certainly do not go unnoticed!

Andrew obtained his Second Officer position five years after commencing with TVSA.