Merry Christmas from TVSA!

Trial Introductory Flight

Is your Secret Santa recipient interested in aviation? This flight is the thrilling experience they have always wanted. Become the fun aunt, the office favourite or cool cousin Dave this year with a flight from TVSA.

  • 30 minute Effects of Control lesson

  • Certificate of Completion

  • ‘I was a pilot’ today bragging rights


5 Hour Flight Package

Have a loved one who is dedicated to becoming a pilot? This experience will give them the first handful of lessons that each and every pilot completes. Whether they want to fly for play or pay, this is the Christmas present for them. Over 5 hours of flight training you will cover:

  • Effects of Control

  • Straight & Level

  • Climbing & Descending

  • Turning

  • Stalling

You will also get a FREE logbook!


First Solo Package

Do you know that you want to learn to fly but just haven’t made the commitment yet? Why not treat yourself to a First Solo Package for Christmas? This package includes 15 hours of flying that will give you the skills and knowledge to confidently pilot an aircraft… Solo. This experience will cover:

  • Effects of Control

  • Straight & Level

  • Climbing & Descending

  • Turning

  • Climbing and Descending Turns

  • Stalling

  • Introduction to Circuits

  • Circuits – Flapless & Normal

  • Circuits – Emergency Procedures

  • Training Consolidation

You will also get your logbook and first solo flight FREE!


Gift Vouchers also available

Is someone in your family a regular flier at TVSA? Why not purchase them a few hours for them to enjoy over the summer months.

Get in touch and let us help you get your Christmas shopping done with ease!

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