Commercial Pilot Licence (CPLA) – 150 Hour Integrated Course


A Commercial Pilot License (Aeroplane) is the first stepping stone to a career in the airlines. Becoming an airline pilot or charter pilot begins with obtaining your CPLA. Your CPLA can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis with us. Take the first step and enquire now!

Our integrated course allows you to complete all of your training with TVSA with no prior flight experience. We will take you through from your first lesson through to a commercial pilots licence (CPLA).

The course is a pay as you go course allowing you the flexibility of doing the training on your schedule.


  • Minimum 18 years of age at the completion of the course
  • Hold or ability to hold a Class 1 Medical
  • Ability to hold an ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card)


  • Pilot an aircraft for hire or reward
  • Take your friends and family flying around the country
  • Continue your training by adding a Multi Engine Endorsement, Instrument Rating or even an instructor rating
  • Build your hours towards an Air Transport Pilots Licence (ATPL)

Course Structure and Time Allocation

Lessons Description Duration
Dual Basic Flight Training 30
Solo Basic Flight Training 10
Dual Private Pilot Licence 22
Solo Private Pilot Licence 5
Sim Private Pilot Licence 5
Dual Manual Propeller Pitch Control (CSU) 5
Solo Hour Building (various activities) 50
Dual Commercial Pilot Licence – P28R (Piper Arrow) 10
Dual Commercial Pilot Licence – P28A (Piper Cherokee) 5
Solo Commercial Pilot Licence 5
Dual Flight Tests 7
    Your Total: 154 hours


Charges for this course are based on our current rates sheet.

Course start dates are flexible and you can complete this part time or full time so get in contact with us today!


  • CASA exam fees
  • Additional training or tuition required to meet the standard
  • CASA flight testing fees
  • Landing charges and Air Services fees at aerodromes outside of Bacchus Marsh