My name is Craig Nugent I am 18 years old. I have now been flying with TVSA for about a year and a half. I started flying at the end of Year 11, using the Christmas holiday period to get as much flying in as I could and obtained my GFPT just before the beginning of Year 12. I then put further training on hold so I could concentrate on my final VCE year.


Now a year and a half down the track I am involved in classes three nights a week at TVSA’s Moorabbin school to complete the theory component of the Commercial Pilots Licence. When I finish classes at the end of June, I will start up flying again and hopefully obtain a CPL by the end of the year. The next step will probably be to get an instructor rating and become an instructor and do some charter work. After gaining enough experience on light aircraft and working my way up to larger aircraft, I one day plan to land a job flying for one of the major airlines.

The cheap flying rates, friendly easy going atmosphere and the professionalism of the instructors makes TVSA in my opinion, one of the best flying schools around. If you take the time to compare their rates and the level of service with other schools, you will find that TVSA is second to none.

Craig completed his twin IFR Rating after working as a single-engine charter pilot for Derby Air Services for a year. In November 1998, he was offered a position as First Officer flying Metro II’s for Skipper Airlines in Western Australia.

So six years after his first flying lesson, Craig is well on his way up the aviation career ladder.

Craig, far right, is pictured on his first Charter job flying Flightcampers to Moorabbin Tower.


Craig joined fellow students, Dave Belcastro, Luke Murphy and Chris Riddell at Cathay Pacific Airlines as a second officer.