Skye completed her training in 1998 and commenced her career as an instructor on Flightcamp the same year. She left us in 2001 as a Grade One Instructor to work for BAE Systems, where she conducted multi engine and instrument training as well as finesse training for Cathay direct entry candidates.

In November 2004 Skye embarked on a challenging career path with QANTAS, initially as a Second Officer on 747s.

With over 5,500 hours, many of which have been spent “poling a 747 around the sky”, she believes she has the best office in the world. The aircraft she crews are among the most sophisticated and up to date in the world and even someone of Skye’s experience has to pinch herself when she is “hand flying the 747 around the holding pattern in London, stacked, packed and racked with other 747s, 777s and A380s all around her!

Career and everyday highlights? As Skye is about to commence First Officer training in the 737, her most memorable flights have included spectacular sunrises and sunsets, flying over the impressive ranges in Afghanistan and China and watching ice burgs float by whilst down at 60ºS following the great circle to Johannesburg!

Skye has her sights firmly set on becoming a Captain with QANTAS and the team at TVSA have no doubt that we will see her achieve this in the near future.