Gas Turbine Engine (GTE)


The GTE endorsement introduces you to the Gas Turbine Engine found on aircraft types, such as the Cessna Caravan (C208) and the Pacific Aerospace Excel/Cresco (P750). Once you have obtained the GTE, you are able to fly aircraft types such as these, then progress onto more complex multi-engine turbine aircraft, for example, the Beech Super King Air (B200, B350).



Course Structure and Time Allocation

Lessons Description Duration
 Dual  Flight
    Your Total: 4


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*Note: All hours are CASA minimum requirements or recommended minimum.

Cost Inclusions:

Cost Exclusions:

  • CASA exam fees
  • Additional training or tuition required to meet the standard
  • CASA flight testing fees
  • Landing charges and Air Services fees at aerodromes outside of Bacchus Marsh