Flight Instructor Rating

Become a Flight Instructor

Do you have your Commercial Pilot Licence but are finding it hard to get a job? Have you thought about becoming a Flight Instructor?

Many Commercial Pilots use teaching as a great way to build experience and flying hours.

Not only will this course give you another 30 flying hours to add to your logbook, it will give you an extremely sort after employable qualification. At TVSA we are always on the look out for casual instructors and we would normally regard those who have trained with us in high esteem.


Start Earning Money

Start Earning Money

Once you have completed your Flight Instructor Rating you can start earning money as a pilot.

Hour Building

Hour Building

Flight instructing is a great way to build flying hours.

Fly Daily

Fly Daily

Your job will be to fly, could you ask for anything better?

Future Opportunities

Once you have your Instructor Rating you will have the opportunities to obtain further training approvals – giving you more areas to teach.

Why Choose Us

  • TVSA Pilot Training is a growing school with plans to develop 60 new jobs over the next 12 months.

  • There are no landing or parking fee’s at Bacchus Marsh Airport.

  • Bacchus Marsh’s uncontrolled airspace means less time on the ground and more time in the air.
  • Low traffic airport with TVSA being the only GA flight training school onsite.

Course Requirements

  • Australian Commercial Pilot Licence
  • CASA Class One Medical

Meet our Instructor

Annalisa Corcoran Chief Pilot and Head of Operations
Annalisa is a Grade One Multi-Engine Flight instructor with a wealth of experience behind her. Annie completed her CPL in NZ in 2009 and her Instructor Rating at Moorabbin in 2010. Annalisa brings her high-level people management and organisation skills to her role as Chief Pilot and Head of Operations .

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