Instrument Rating


Pop up through the clouds and conduct instrument approaches at your destination. The Instrument Rating allows you to pilot an aircraft in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) with reference to the aircraft’s instruments. It allows you to fly when the weather is below Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC) criteria. This course can be completed in a single or multi-engine aircraft. The Instrument Rating course can be completed on a full-time basis, and affordable, onsite accommodation is available, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the curriculum provided.


  • PPLA
  • IREX (Pass: Instrument Rating Examination)
  • 50 hours cross country PIC (Pilot In Command)


  • Authorised to pilot an aircraft under the IFR, or at night under the VFR

Course Structure and Time Allocation

Delivery Description Duration
Dual Sim Instrument Flight 20
Dual Single Engine / Multi Engine Instrument Flight 20
    Your Total: 40*

*Made up of a minimum of 5 hours of night flight, of which at least one hour of dual time and one hour of solo night circuits.

**Instrument time from previous licences (NVFR, PPL, etc.) can be counted towards the 40 hour total.

***Night hours from a NVFR can be included in the 40 hour total.


Single engine: $10,600 SEA

Multi engine: $14,500 MEA

*Note: All hours are CASA minimum requirements or recommended minimum.

Cost Exclusions:

  • CASA exam fees
  • Additional training or tuition required to meet the standard
  • CASA flight testing fees
  • Landing charges and Air Services fees at aerodromes outside of Bacchus Marsh