International Students

TVSA Pilot Training is now an approved CRICOS training provider – this means that International Students are welcome to apply for our approved courses. With over 35 years experience of putting people in the captains seat, TVSA continues to be a leading within the aviation industry.

We have some very experienced instructors at TVSA. With many hours flying and a deep knowledge of the aviation industry under their belt, we trust that our students are receiving the best education possible. We believe in the quality of our training and often provide employment to students who successfully compete their training.

Courses open to Internation Student Include:

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0100435  Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence) Course Outline 

  • Phase 1
    • You will start your diploma with Phase 1 – Ab Initio training. This training will cover your Ab Initio flight training, as well as basic ground theory. Upon the completion of this phase, we will take you from no experience all the way to a Recreational Pilot Licence level in 11 weeks.
  • Phase 2
    • This phase will see you start on the path to your private pilot training. Over these 11 weeks, you will start your commercial pilot theory exams. You will also complete some of your flying hours in our Piper Warrior.
  • Phase 3&4
    • This study period, stretched over 20 weeks, will see you complete the remaining commercial theory exams. It will also see you build a significant portion of your solo hours.
  • Phase 5
    • The final phase is dedicated to giving you the best preparation for your Commercial Pilot flight test. You will complete your final flying hours as well as a pre-test with one of our instructors and any consolidation of training that is needed.

Entry Requirements

  • CRICOS students must provide evidence of having achieved an IELTS overall score of 5.5 with no paper lower than 5.  They may provide this evidence prior to, or following the course screening.
  • Minimum 18 years of age at the completion of the course
  • Hold or ability to hold a Class 1 Medical*
  • Ability to hold an ASIC (Aviation Security Identification Card)
    * Students will be accepted into the course whilst they are still applying for their Class 1 Medical. If for whatever reason, a student is unable to obtain their medical, they will not be able to continue in the course. Students who choose to enroll without a completed medical, do so at their own discretion/risk.

All training is delivered full-time face to face on campus at our training facilities in Bacchus Marsh.

Units of Study 

Core units

  • AVIE4001 Maintain aircraft radio communications
  • AVIF0004 Implement aviation risk management processes
  • AVIF0005 Implement aviation fatigue risk management processes
  • AVIF0007 Implement threat and error management strategies
  • AVIF0008 Manage safe flight operations
  • AVIF0011 Manage aircraft passengers and cargo
  • AVIF0014 Manage human factors in aviation operations
  • AVIH0002 Plan a flight under visual flight rules
  • AVIH4001 Navigate aircraft under visual flight rules
  • AVILIC0001 Licence to operate a commercial aeroplane
  • AVIO0002 Manage disruptive behaviour and unlawful interference with aviation
  • AVIW4001 Manage pre- and post-flight actions
  • AVIW5018 Operate and manage aircraft systems
  • AVIY0001 Operate aircraft using aircraft flight instruments
  • AVIY0002 Operate in controlled airspace
  • AVIY0003 Operate in Class G airspace
  • AVIY0004 Operate at non-towered aerodromes
  • AVIY0005 Operate at a controlled aerodrome
  • AVIY0008 Apply aeronautical knowledge to aviation operations
  • AVIY0009 Apply the principles of civil air law to aviation operations
  • AVIY0018 Execute advanced aeroplane manoeuvres and procedures
  • AVIY0019 Manage abnormal aeroplane flight situations
  • AVIY4001 Control aeroplane on the ground
  • AVIY4002 Take off aeroplane
  • AVIY4003 Control aeroplane in normal flight
  • AVIY4004 Land aeroplane
  • AVIY4007 Manage aircraft fuel
  • AVIZ4001 Manage situational awareness in aircraft flight

Elective unit

  • AVIN0002 Supervise and manage safe flight operations as pilot in command


This 150-hour course syllabus is scheduled to be delivered over 52 weeks. Students are provided with an additional 2 months on completion of the syllabus to complete any remedial training that may have been postponed due to weather or maintenance.


The course includes 2 weeks of scheduled leave. Any additional leave possible subject to
management approval.

Upon successful completion students will achieve:

  • AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (CPL – Aeroplane)
  • Readiness to sit their Commercial Pilot Licence examination with CASA
  • A passing grade for all 7 commercial theory subjects.

Course Materials and Resources

For successful completion of this course each student will have access to:

  • 2 Classrooms fitted with TV’s, desks, chairs, and whiteboards.
  • Private briefing rooms fitted with TV’s.
  • TVSA’s Library of Resources, which includes
  • Manuals and Charts
  • Flight training manual
  • ATC resources
  • Digital copies of aircraft manuals

Campus Facilities

Students have access to the following facilities at our Bacchus Marsh Campus:
• Accommodation (limited availability)
• Kitchen and dining
• Bathrooms
• Laundry

In 2019 we will see the establishment of our brand new training facilities with onsite accommodation for 160 people, an onsite restaurant and training facilities to cater for up to 250 students.


Students will have the opportunity to fly a range of aircraft in our 17 aircraft strong fleet. Below are the main aircraft used for training in this course.

Required Materials

Item Approximate Cost (AUD)
Logbook $34.00
ATC BAK Theory Text Book (Most recent edition) $87.00
ATC PPL/CPL Theory Text Book Set (Most recent edition) $385.00
Navigation Computer $63.00
Protractor $15.00
Navigation Ruler $8.50
Charts (VTC, VNC, WAC Hamilton & Melbourne) $15.00
ERSA $36.00
Uniform $35.00 – $105.00
CASA Class 1 Medical $375.00+
Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC) $280.00
Aviation Registration Number (ARN) No Charge

Optional Materials

Item Approximate Cost (AUD)
Headset Various Prices
Bob Tait Theory Textbooks Various Prices

Note: Prices are current as of June 2019 and are subject to change without notice.

  • International Student Handbook
  • Cancellation, Refund and Returns Policy
  • Accommodation, Support, and Welfare Policy
  • Accommodation Policy
  • Living Costs Information

0100435 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Training – Aeroplane)

0100435 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Training – Aeroplane) is your first step towards making a career as a Pilot in Command.

A Commercial Pilot Licence will open many doors within the aviation industry, not just becoming a Airline Pilot. It will also give you the opportunity to teach others to fly, support emergency services with air transport and serve in the military.

We understand that training is not a one size fits all business. That’s why our course is designed to be flexible and applicable to all, whether you have flight training or are a complete beginner this course will be a snug fit. It is designed to take you all the way from zero flight training to a qualified Commercial Pilot with a minimum of 155 flying hours.

At the completion of the course you will have advance aircraft knowledge that you will be able to apply in practical situations. You will also have built significant Solo and Pilot in Command hours

0100436 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

If you are dreaming of the airlines, an Instrument Rating is a must. Our 0100436 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) has been specially designed for current pilots who have completed a Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

As part of this course, you will complete your Instrument Rating Theory Exam (IREX) and delivered the training to prepare you to sit your CASA flight tests for your Multi Engine Class Rating (MEA) as well as your Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR). Many organisations who are looking at taking on new pilots will consider someone with a MEIR before an applicant without.

Are you eligible?