Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating (MEA)


The Multi-Engine Aeroplane Class Rating  can be completed as a stand alone course, or as an introduction to and in conjunction with an Instrument Rating course, to add to your skill set.


  • Hold a Private Pilot Licence or AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence – Aeroplane)


  • Pilot a Multi Engine aircraft in that class not requiring a Type Endorsement

Course Structure and Time Allocation

Lessons Description Duration
Dual Seven Flights 6.7
Dual Consolidation One Flight 1.8
Dual Test One Flight 1.5
    Your Total: 10


Minimum: $4,340

Recommended: $6,200

*Note: All hours are CASA minimum requirements or recommended minimum. Costings are based on the minimum and the average student.

Cost Exclusions:

  • Additional training or tuition required to meet the standard
  • CASA flight testing fees
  • Landing charges and Air Services fees at aerodromes outside of Bacchus Marsh