Nationally Recognised Training

AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilots License Aeroplane (CPLA)

No prior experience through to a Commercial Pilots Licence

AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation – Commercial Pilots License Aeroplane (CPLA)

Begin your training as a Commercial Pilot.

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AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

Multi-engine Instrument Rating

AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating)

Kick start your flying career with a Multi-engine Command Instrument Rating (AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation – Instrument Rating).

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Why Choose Us?

      • Experienced instructors
      • Premium qualifications
      • Highest safety standards
      • Flexible training options
      • No landing fees at home aerodrome

TVSA is a Registered Training Office. ID: 7006

Our commitment to quality training

We are committed to a quality training experience. We employee the best instructors to ensure the highest possible levels of training are delivered. We have developed all of our courses and training material over the past 30+ years. We put a strong emphasis on tailoring our training to the learning styles of our students.

Our training puts you in control to choose the most appropriate pathway. Whether you are wanting to take family and friends for a local flight, complete your AVI50215 Diploma in Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane) or experience the thrill of aerobatic flight, we are able to tailor a package to suit you.

TVSA is an approved Nationally Recognised Training organisation (7006). Our accredited courses include:

– AVI50415 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations)

– AVI50215 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence Aeroplane)

Payment Options

  • Private payment which requires you to provide full upfront payment of course cost
  • Pay-as-you-go, which is simply pay per hour

What Others Say

TVSA has some of the best instructors out there you learn fast and in a very professional environment.
Nathan Martina
Great instructors making it easy to learn. Good work TVSA.
Robert Sevior
Amazing people, very talented instructors and staff. Would highly recommend TVSA to anyone wanting to do any form of flight training.
Jodie Davis