Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)


A Recreational Pilot Licence is your exciting introduction to the world of Aviation and a Pilot’s Licence. Once you obtain the RPL, it will allow you to pilot a single-engine aircraft under 1500kgs, within 25 miles of your home aerodrome, with passengers. Endorsements for Navigation or Controlled Airspace are available. The RPL is intended for the recreational flyer.

Introduced on September 1st 2014, the Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) is the first level of license you can attain to be able to fly as pilot in command of an aircraft. The RPL replaces the Student Pilot License and General Flying Progress Test (GFPT). With an RPL, you are able to fly a single-engine aircraft up to 1,500kg, fly within 25nm of the departure aerodrome, and carry passengers.

There are several additional endorsements you can complete with your RPL to allow you to fly further than the 25nm distance and even fly into controlled airspace. You can complete these components with TVSA also.

The RPL is a great stepping stone into the next level of licenses you can obtain. All hours contribute towards a Private Pilot License Aeroplane (PPLA) and you can easily upgrade to this license when you have undergone the additional training required.

At TVSA, we recommend starting off your flying career by booking a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF). These are a great introduction to Aviation and will see you taking control of the aircraft on your very first flight!

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Pilot Licence


*Note: The above requirements are to obtain a solo standard. You can start your training prior to obtaining the above.


  • Authorises Pilots to fly light (below 1500kg) single engine aircraft as Pilot In Command (PIC)
  • Fly within a 25nm radius of the departure aerodrome
  • Fly in daylight hours in Visual Meteorological Conditions (VMC)
  • Can carry passengers

Course Structure and Time Allocation

Delivery Minimum Recommended
Dual 20 30
Solo 5 5
Totals  25 35

Add to the RPL:

  • Recreational Navigation
  • Controlled Airspace
  • Controlled Aerodrome

Cost Exclusions:

  • CASA exam fees
  • Additional training or tuition required to meet the standard
  • CASA flight testing fees
  • Landing charges and Air Services fees at aerodromes outside of Bacchus Marsh
  • Fee’s related to student exceeding height and weight restrictions