General Flying Progress Test (GFPT)

So, who is going to be your first passenger?

The GFPT is not a licence, but an added priviledge to the SPL. It enables you to take passengers within the vicinity of the aerodrome and the training area. You are under the supervision of a qualified instructor as they brief you, authorise the flight and ensure that your aircraft is safe for your flight.

Minimum hours required by CASA

15 hours Dual

5 hours Solo

2 hours Instrument Flying

Realistic hours to obtain your GFPT

30 hours dual

7 hours solo

2 hours Instrument Flying

Cost for realistic flying hours: $8,425

Even though CASA state minimum hours required, they are exactly that - MINIMUMS, not what you should be achieving the GFPT by. You may achieve your GFPT in under the realistic hours, or you may go over them. Each individual is different and will learn at varying rates.

After flying solo for the first time, you need to accrue 2 hours of solo time in the circuit area prior to moving onto the next section of your GFPT training.

Area Solo

During this phase, you will go back to the training area and learn competencies such as steep turns, practiced forced landings, instrument flying as well as becoming proficient in other circuit competencies such as short field and flapless landings. Once found competent and safe to fly an aircraft out to the training area and conduct various sequences, you will be sent area solo. Listed below are the pre-requisites for being sent area solo;

  • 2 hours of solo circuits
  • Sat and passed the Pre-Area theory exam
  • Be found competent and safe to conduct an area solo flight
  • Current medical
  • SPL

What's next?

The final phase of your GFPT training consists of increasing your solo time as well as increasing your competency in all sequences prior to your test. Listed below are the pre-requisites for obtaining your GFPT;

  • Pass your Basic Aeronautical Knowledge (BAK) exam
  • 5 hours minimum solo time
  • 2 hours minimum Instrument time (one of which can be on a synthetic trainer)
  • Be recommended by the CFI to undertake the flight test
  • Pass the flight test
  • Current medical
  • SPL


As mentioned in getting started, there are various ways to satisfy this component of your training. As a guide, if you attend a group theory course for the BAK, it will take you 6 weeks at the rate of a single 3 hour session per week, not including exams. Full time will take you 3 days excluding exams. For further information regarding theory courses, please refer to our theory page.

There are test fees for the flight test which is conducted by our in house testing officers.

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Why Choose TVSA?

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General Flying Progress Test (GFPT)