We are now into the second half of 2019 and our buildings are coming along nicely. With the weather improving, we have plaster up, painting going on and a fully completed simulator room.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done, but check out our construction update below.

Training Building

Our training building has been especially laid out for the workflow of our school. Designing an efficient pathway for students to move through the common areas was a high priority when developing our new training centre.

When you walk in you will be greeted by our lovely reception team to the left of the doorway, with the briefing rooms to your right on the airside of the building. We also have a large functional dispatch area for students and staff.

Also on the ground level is our instructor headquarters and our simulator training space. Our, now fully completed, simulator room will house 4 Redbird MCX simulators that are among the first of their kind in Australia.

On the top floor is our administration and operational staff offices with an additional open plan communal workspace. This will be fitted out with plug and play computer stations for all staff to access when need be. Next to these offices are 3 large classrooms with adjustable dividers for extra space when needed.

This level will also house a 20 seat boardroom, which is located on the airside of the building – making good use of that view.

Accommodation Building

This is just the start of our accommodation upgrade, our future plans include 2 more accommodations – housing a total of 160 students.

Our rooms are designed for twin share, complete with bathroom facilities and personal storage. Also included in the room is a king single bed, desk and chair for each occupant. Each of the rooms have their own reverse cycle temperature control unit to heat and cool at their pleasure.

Our first accommodation building will also include a 120 seat restaurant cafe with a full commercial kitchen. Food will be available to purchase during meal times for all school attendees.