Before you start your training, you will need to prepare yourself. Below are some of the key requirements and information you need to keep in mind.

CASA Class 1 Medical

This is probably the most important thing you need to become a commercial pilot. It is mandatory for all commercial pilots to hold a Class 1 medical at the time they complete their flight test. This means that if you are unable to hold a class one medical, you are unable to complete your commercial pilot licence. Due to this reason, we highly advise that everyone interested in becoming a commercial pilot know the medical requirements and start their application before they commit to training. You can find more information on CASA medicals here.

Aviation Reference Number (ARN)

Your ARN is your unique identifier when dealing with CASA and is needed when you apply for your medical. It is free to register and you can do so here.

Course Materials

At during your enrolment, you should be notified of what materials you need to bring with you to class. This list will include things such as:

  • RPL Theory Textbook
  • CPL Theory Textbook
  • Maps and ERSA
  • Headset (if desired)

It is also handy to bring a notebook and some stationary to your classes as well.


From your first day as a student pilot you will need to look the part! Each flight training school will have their own uniform requirements so make sure you find the information specific to your chosen school. At TVSA we require students to wear black pants, closed toe black shoes and a plain or TVSA branded white pilot shirt with a black tie.

Aviation Security Identification Card

Another requirment for your training is the have the ability to hold an ASIC. This is a identificiation card that will give you the necessary clearance when landing within controlled airports. You can find more information about ASIC’s and how to get them here.

Course Census Dates

The course census date is the date in which your enrolment is considered finalised for the phase and is the last date you can withdraw from the course without receiving a financial penalty. If you withdraw after a cenus date you will be liable for the payment of that phase. It is important that you mark down the census dates for your course on a calendar as a reminder. You can find all TVSA’s upcoming courses and course cesus dates here.