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Our Education Blog is a collection of articles, experience and information written by TVSA to help current and future students prepare and successfully complete their training.

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Choosing a Flight School

Choosing a flight school is incredibly important to your studies. The right school is not the same for everyone – different, people have different goals. We have put together a list of key factors you […]

Start Your Pilot Training Checklist

Before you start your training, you will need to prepare yourself. Below are some of the key requirements and information you need to keep in mind.
CASA Class 1 Medical
This is probably the most important thing […]

What is #STUDYAVI2020?

With the supply for pilots and aviation skilled workers dwindling and the demand for air travel growing, TVSA Pilot Training is doing its part to prevent the pilot drought with #STUDYAVI2020.

#STUDYAVI2020 is our chance to […]

What Should I Expect at a Course Application Screening?

When applying for accredited training courses with TVSA you will need to complete the following process. The course application screening appointment can take between 1.5 to 2 hours and is completed onsite at our Bacchus […]