Why is now a good time to become a pilot? With the supply for pilots and aviation skilled workers dwindling and the demand for air travel growing, the aviation industry is experiencing a growth like never before.

The Pilot Shortage

Pilots and aviation workers are in dire need worldwide. Aviation based skills are needed as Boeing and Airbus both estimate that over 600,000 new pilots by 2035 based on their current new plane orders alone.

We can already see the start of this shortage dilemma with planes being grounded daily due to no one to fill the captain’s seat. Within the General Aviation industry, we are seeing a drought of skilled instructors to fill key roles within training organisations.

One of the largest contributors to the growth within the industry is the increase of low-cost airlines and travel deals, making air travel more affordable. With the introduction of Scoot worldwide and Jetstar running ‘free return’ deals, more people have the opportunity to travel. This in turn increases air travel demand and the airline responds by increasing route frequency. They also have the equity to expand their fleets and add new destinations.

The Technological Advances

Positive job outcomes are not the only reason you should follow your dream of aviation, the advancements that have been made is something to write home about.

While airlines are expanding their fleets, it is also good to note that they are upgrading them as well. Boeing has estimated that 39,000 new planes will be supplied within the next 20 years. This give all current and future pilots the best possible technology to fly with.

Over the last decade, Qantas has returned more then 140 aircraft and as a result, they have reduced their average fleet age to just 8 years as of 2016. This is a growing trend across airlines, with Singapore Airlines just behind with an average fleet age of 8.2 years.

The Training Available

We all know that flight training is expensive and time consuming. Over the last 12 months, TVSA has worked hard to provide opportunities for all students who want to study aviation. With financial partnerships, Part 142 approval and fast-tracked training, TVSA can now offer eligible students financially supported places in a 47-week AVI50219 Diploma of Aviation (Commercial Pilot Licence).

The Department of Education has also stepped up realising that aviation student needs more than just a commercial licence to become employable. They have proposed an increase to the lifetime loan limit for students from $104,440 to $150,000. Giving eligible students the chance to complete an AVI50519 Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Rating) with financial support.

If this proposal is approved, these changes will take place on January 1st, 2020.

For students who hold a commercial licence and are wanting to break into the industry, there is an array of cadetships available to them.

At TVSA, our cadetship trains new commercial pilots to become flight instructors. Once they hold that endorsement, they then have a full-time job as a Flight Instructor. The goal of this program is to provide new pilots with the skills and experience needed to establish a successful career as a commercial airline pilot. Once they are employed, the training doesn’t stop. They will then have the opportunity to upskill and attain endorsements and ratings they do not hold that will help them in the future.

Start Your Training Today

As you can see, there is one stand out reason you should become a pilot – passion for aviation. The pilot shortage, tech advances and access to training are just supporting evidence that it is the right thing to do.

For more information please contact us at fly@tvsa.com.au or check out the links below.

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